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PT Kebun Raya Nusantara is a plantation holding company which operates in the management and marketing of plantation commodities. The plantation commodities cultivated are coffee, cloves, tea and kratom.

PT Kebun Raya Nusantara has plantations in several regions in Indonesia, for example West Java, Central Java, Jambi, Bali and East Kalimantan.

This company is committed to preserving the environment and developing human resources around the plantation.

Therefore, PT Kebun Raya Nusantara is also developing corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs which aim to improve the welfare of the surrounding community.


To become a superior and world-class competitive national agribusiness company and contribute sustainably to the nation's progress.


  • Produce high quality products for customers
  • Forming superior work process capabilities (operational excellence) through continuous improvement and innovation with good corporate governance
  • Developing an excellent organization and culture as well as competent and prosperous human resources in realizing the potential of every human being
Kebun Raya Nusantara
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